Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Aims and Scope

The Journal is focused on all Earth Sciences and welcomes papers in the following subjects:

Geology, Hydrology, Seismology, Geophysics , Meteorology, Climatology, Geography ,Topography and geodesy, Soil science, Geochemistry, Engineering geology, Sedimentology, Volcanology, Oceanography, Physics and Chemistry of the atmosphere , Biology, Geostatistics, Geoinformation systems (GIS) and Environmental Science .

The Journal is also focused on Geotechnical Engineering with the following special core subjects:

Foundation Engineering, Geotechnical Processes, Constitutive Modeling , Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Geotechnics, Laboratory Testing ,Rock Mechanics , Behavior of soils and rocks , Site Investigation and Geotechnical design and construction.

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Current Issue : Volume 9, Issue 2 (in progress) (2019)