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Factor Analysis for the Questionnaire Investigation on the Needs at Fuji City

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  • Abstract

    Shopping streets at local city in Japan became old and are generally declining. In this paper, we handle the area rebirth and/or regional revitalization of shopping street. We focus on Fuji city in Japan. Four big festivals are held at Fuji city (two for Fuji Shopping Street Town and two for Yoshiwara Shopping Street Town). Many people visit these festivals including residents in that area. Therefore a questionnaire investigation to the residents and visitors is conducted during these periods in order to clarify residents and visitors’ needs for the shopping street, and utilize them to the plan building of the area rebirth and/or regional revitalization of shopping street. These are analyzed by using Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis. These are utilized for constructing a much more effective and useful plan building. We have obtained fruitful results. To confirm the findings by utilizing the new consecutive visiting records would be the future works to be investigated.

    Mathematics Subject Classification : 90B60
    Keywords: Fuji City, Area rebirth, Regional vitalization, festival, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis

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