Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Determinants of Managerial Performance on Taiwan Sports Lottery in System Dynamics Modeling of Strategic Management Approach

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  • Abstract 

    The aim of this study was to identify the factors affecting sports lottery retailers’ sales, in the context of strategic management by system dynamics analysis. The internal management subjective factors, internal management objective factors, and external environment factors were determined from the perspective of strategic management. Taking Taiwan as the subject for a case study, this study employed focus-group interviews and system dynamics to establish the causal relationship of the overall interaction. In response to the topic of payout ratio proposed by the governmental authority, the results showed that a higher payout ratio would stimulate the sales amount of sports lottery tickets; however, such measure might affect the revenue of the issuer or retailers. In terms of the subject of payout ratio, which the governmental authority once discussed, the results showed that a higher payout ratio would have minor increase in sports lottery sales revenue, however, such a measure might affect the profits of the issuer or retailers. This is the first study revealed that the driving force behind supply was formed by the subjective and objective factors of the internal environment, whereas the driving force behind market demand was formed by external environmental factors from the perspectives of strategic management and strategic planning.

    JEL Classifications Numbers: C69, M10, L25,

    Keywords: System dynamics analysis, Strategic management, Retailers sale performance, Managerial performance, Internal environment, External environment.