Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

An Empirical Evidence of Measuring Growth Determinants of Indian Firms

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    This study identifies the determinants of growth of selected companies in India. It is based on a sample of 250 companies given in the PROWESS database developed by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). It covers a period of ten years, i.e., from 2004-05 to 2013-14. The growth of companies is measured in terms of compounded annual growth rate of net sales and market capitalization. In order to study the determinants of growth, fourteen explanatory variables-size (total assets or net sales), profitability (ROCE or RONW or net profit ratio), age, advertising intensity, retention ratio, solvency position (current ratio or quick ratio), efficiency ratio (asset turnover ratio), leverage, diversification, market share, research and development intensity, export ratio, market value added ratio and industry type were chosen for empirical investigation. Multiple regression analysis is used to develop a model to identify the determinants of growth of companies. The results reveal that size of a company, advertising intensity, age, profitability, and research and development intensity, solvency, leverage, efficiency, diversification and nature of industry are statistically significant in determining the growth of Indian firms.