Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Traditional Budgeting in Today’s Business Environment

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  • Abstract

    Traditional budgeting has been subject to several controversies with many arguing in favour and against its use. The two sided arguments were discussed with the help of existing literatures. This research provides a conceptual meaning of traditional budgeting as an examination of income with respect to expenditure and developed a model framework for understanding the usefulness of traditional budgeting in today’s business environment. A tripod relationship between budget, household and managers was developed & analysed. The research explains the benefits of traditional budgeting and also provides an alternative to traditional budgeting concept in today’s business world. The study shows that influence of organisational culture was seen to constitute the bane of traditional budgeting process, implementation and performance management with control as the critical variable at all levels of human endeavours and concludes that budgeting is the panacea for enforcement of control, target, and accountability. It entrenches motivational spirit & managerial direction among workforce, hence should be adopted by both individuals and business entities.

    JEL Classification Numbers: M41
    Keywords: Traditional Budgeting, Planning, Household, Management, Organisations