Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

The Impact of Educational Qualifications, Experience andVenture Capital Awareness on Co-Ownership of Small Enterprises in Nigeria

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  • Abstract

    This study ‘‘The impact of education, experience, and venture capital awareness on co-ownership of small enterprises in Nigeria’’ aims at ascertaining whether experience, education and venture capital awareness influence the willingness of small businesses owners to share control power of their businesses. To achieve this objective, one hundred and fifty-five small enterprises were surveyed across Edo state. The data gathered was analyzed using descriptive statistics while hypotheses were tested using correlation statistical tool as well as the t-test statistics to ascertain the significance of the correlation analysis. The study finds that, older enterprises with experience greater than six years will not accept co-ownership control. Also, the more SMEs are awareness of venture capital, the more they will be willing to share their control power. We therefore, recommend that, government should endeavour to create awareness among small enterprises owners as well as, encourage investment angels who would provide funds for beginners and government should provide incentive for SMEs who will be willing to thieve and convert into limited liability companies after ten to fifteen years of existence.