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Fingerprint Biometric-Based Cryptographic System as A Security Approach in Grid Environment

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    Interconnection of computer systems for the purpose of sharing resources in grid is increasing on the daily bases. Resource shared in grid is not limited to files alone but also includes computer resources such as memory, processors, etc. The security challenges resulting from this sharing is enormous including authentication, authorization, integrity, availability. These call for research attentions as evidenced from the reviewed literatures. Several researches have proposed cryptographic approaches as a promising solution to the various security challenges. However, issues surrounding the knowledge-based authentication approach motivate the researchers to be more innovative by proposing biometric- based cryptographic model to secure grid resources. This paper examines and analyses existing efforts to tackle these challenges. It also examines Grid Architecture where various components of a grid play major role in resource sharing and securing of grid. Biometric-based model was proposed that provides security for grid users using fingerprint for authentication and authorization in grid due to its ease of collectability.