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Visualization Technique for Real-Time Detecting the Characteristic Quantities Critical Values During Electrical Transient Episodes

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    The traditional approach to detecting the critical values of the characteristic quantities that comprehensively describe an electrical transient scenario involves generating huge files that contain the data received at all steps during numerical integration, and the application of an optimization method to approximate the critical values. Having in view that the straight numerical depicting of an electrical transient, performed by recording all the data during numerical integration i.e. without highlighting the areas of interest that encompass the characteristic quantities critical values, is very time consuming and unsuitable for real-time evaluation, distinct from the time-domain assessment, the present investigation advances a visualization technique for detecting the critical values of the characteristic quantities that describe an electrical transient episode. The suggested technique requires the employment of a coordinate system in two dimensions with the abscissa represented by a certain characteristic quantity value and the ordinate represented by the corresponding time-related derivative of the characteristic quantity. By means of various diagrams of practical significance, it will be shown that the employment of the adopted coordinate system, accompanied by setting viewports through an appropriate restriction of the ordinate interval, makes it possible to detect in real-time the characteristic quantities critical values.