Journal of Computations & Modelling

Variational assimilation method for solving an optimal control problem to identify initial height of dune in an aquatic environment

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  • Abstract 

    This paper concerns the estimation of the optimal initial dune height which can favor the evolution of the dune in the depth of an aquatic environment in two space dimension. The problem is formulated as an optimal control problem, governed by nonlinear equations describing the dune height formation. The control is done in a discrete framework, where the model solution gap to the data is minimized using a quasi-Newton method. The functional gradient is computed by the backward time integration of the corresponding discrete adjoint model. Numerical tests are provided in order to discuss the efficiency and the effectiveness of our approach.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 49J20, 47J35, 76D05, 74G65, 49M15. 

    Keywords: Optimal control, nonlinear evolution equations, incompressible flows, minimization, quasi-Newton method, discrete adjoint method.