Journal of Computations & Modelling

Simplified Machine Diagnosis Techniques Under Impact Vibration using n-th Moment of Absolute Deterioration Factor

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    Among many dimensional and dimensionless amplitude parameters, Kurtosis (4- th normalized moment of probability density function) is generally regarded as a sensitive good parameter for machine diagnosis. However, higher order moment may be supposed to be much more sensitive. Bicoherence is an absolute deterioration factor whose range is 1 to 0. The theoretical value of n-th moment divided by n-th moment calculated by measured data would behave in the same way. We propose a simplified calculation method for an absolute index of n-th moment and name this as simplified absolute index of n-th moment. The case in which the rolling elements number is nine is examined. Some favorable results are

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 60G35
    Keywords: impact vibration, probability density function, kurtosis, n-th moment, rolling element