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Fuzzy Inference System towards Risk Assessment of Personal Care Robots

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    Direct human robot interaction and cooperation in uncertain environment is recently expanding robotics research and challenging safety engineers by involving consumer product applications with high degree of autonomy, mobility and flexibility. Assessing the standardizationís requirements associated especially for Personal Care- Mobile servant (PCMS) robots is an open research question since safety standards are not available, except for ISO 13482. The objective of this study is the risk assessment on the base of ISO 13482 concerning the safety requirements established for PCMS robots using a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS). This paper is a brief and easily understood overview of PCMS robots, of ISO organisation and fundamental constraints that had already been established in ISO 13482. The challenging endeavour is the defuzzification of safety constraints applying special computer software as MATLAB in order to quantify the results of risk assessment and to achieve the overall hierarchy of the requirements.

    Keywords: Personal Care- Mobile servant robot, standardization, MATLAB, fuzzy, safety requirements, risk assessment.