Journal of Computations & Modelling

Improvement of a five factor Altman model to assess the creditworthiness of an enterprise using the theory of fussy sets

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    In this paper we propose a method that uses the apparatus of the theory of fuzzy sets, together with the five-factor model of Altman to assess the creditworthiness of an enterprise. Altman's model is enhanced in two ways: applies integral approximation of the root mean square for the exact calculation of quantitative credit assessment (probability of bankruptcy), and applies the device of fuzzy sets for ordered sets according to the degree of confidence in the resulting probability. This paper shows the simulation procedures for the credit assessment and the capabilities of the model. Some real examples of the methodology of application are shown. The article is theoretical in nature, the findings made in the mathematical model have not been tested on a sufficiently large number of enterprises.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 66
    Keywords: Estimation of credit Status Company, model Altman, fuzzy sets, integral mean-square approximation, function facilities, simulation.