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Optimal Operation of War-Ship Electric Power System Equipped with Energy Storage System

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    The electrification of war-ship power systems has become a very appealing alternative for the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly ships. Energy storage systems (ESS) will have a key role in such systems as they can lead to fuel consumption reduction and increase overall ship efficiency and reliability. In this paper the operation of a war-ship power system equipped with ESS is analysed from the economical point of view. ิhe analytic formulas for the estimation of the system marginal cost of ship electric systems have been developed in [1] leading to a Lagrange no-linear mathematical equation. The method proposed in [1] could be a convenient tool for the technical-economical assessment of such systems. The obtained mathematical equations and the general methodology adopted in [1] have been used for the purposes of this paper and are applied a Hellenic Navy MEKO type frigate. First, the method is briefly described and finally the respective results for the electric power system derived for the Hellenic Navy MEKO type frigate are presented and commented.