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Chaotic Random Bit Generator Realized with a Microcontroller

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    In the last decades an interesting relationship between chaos theory and cryptography has been developed. As a result of this close relationship several chaos-based cryptosystems, which play important role especially in military operations because of the significant strategic advantage that these systems provide, have been put forward. This work, presents a novel Chaotic Random Bit Generator (CRBG), which is realized by the Arduino, an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board. The proposed CPRBG, uses the XOR function, in the bit sequences, that are produced by two Logistic maps with different initial conditions and systems’ parameters, for achieving better results concerning the “randomness” of the produced bits sequence. The generated by the proposed CRBG bit sequences are subjected to the most stringent tests of randomness, the FIPS-140-2 suite tests, to detect the specific characteristics which are expected of random bit sequences.