Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Petrography and Geochemical Evaluation of Major and Trace Elements Concentrations in the Stream Sediments of Itagunmodi and its Environs, Southwestern Nigeria

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    Accumulation of major and trace elements in the stream sediments of the Itagunmodi area southwestern Nigeria was investigated with a view to ascertain the levels of the elements that occur as contaminants in the study area. A total of nine stream sediments and a soil sample from the mining site were collected from the study area. The samples were geochemically analyzed, using the ICP-AES instrumentation techniques. From the result, some major and trace elements were selected for study, and they include; Aluminum (Al), Manganese (Mn), and Iron (Fe) with mean concentration values of {2.02 %, 1226.6% and 4.70%} respectively; They are known to have high anomalous value in all the locations in the order; Mn > Fe> Al. Cobalt( Co),Copper( Cu),Vanadium( V) , and Chromium(Cr) with mean concentration values of {23.13ppm, 71.61ppm, 133.80ppm and 108.24ppm} respectively amongst others are known to be the most distributed trace elements contaminants in the area The result of the contamination factor shows that Co, Cu, V and Cr have high contamination values of 60.55, 74.99, 53.89 and 56.68 respectively. It can therefore be concluded that some major part of the area are highly contaminated with these elements.