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Approximation of Common Fixed Points of a Finite Family of Asymptotically - Demicontractive MapsUsing a Composite Implicit Iteration Process

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    We prove that the modified form of the composite implicit iteration process introduced by Su and Li [1] can be used to approximate the common fixed points of a finite family of asymptotically - demicontractive maps in real Hilbert spaces. Our results compliment the results of Su and Li [1], Osilike and Isiogugu [2], Igbokwe and Udofia [3], Igbokwe and Udo-Utun [4, 5], Igbokwe and Ini [6] and extend several others from asymptotically demicontractive maps to the more general class of asymptotically - demicontractive maps (see for example [7-10]).