Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Window Theory for Forex

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    Window Theory for Forex is a statistically-based financial theory for success in foreign exchange investing.  The stalwart parameters set forth in the theory are based on the historical highs and lows of currency pairs.  Successful application of the theory lies in the behaviors of the investor towards risk tolerance, practiced disciplined investing, and managing short-term losses for long-term gains, which are learned processes for each investor.  This paper begins with the basics of foreign exchange for beginners and is presented in layman’s terms. The methodologies presented in the application of Window Theory for Forex were based on four years’ research experience.  The outcomes suggest a doubling of account balances about once every six months from disciplined trading behaviors that include increasing the amount of trades to sustain the doubling momentum.  Foreign exchange investing is a volatile and risky venture that should only be entered with disposable capital. It is possible to lose more than the original investment from rapid price fluctuations.


    JEL classification numbers: E22

    Keywords: FOREX, financial theory, investments, foreign currency trading