Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Electronic Medical Record - An Essential Part of the National Healthcare Network

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    Despite the rampant need for the sharing of information between hospitals, the interconnection among many hospitals in the United States is not yet excellent. The interconnection of the hospitals and units that offer health care services is significant in boosting the success of health care services in the U.S. Electronic medical record (EMR) is reliable in ensuring that hospitals share data concerning the patients. The system also ensures that the data is updated easily. The development on EMR is faced with many problems. This paper aims at investigating means through which these problems can be addressed. The paper also studies the benefits that arise from the use of EMR systems. The methodology used in the study involves the selection of a sample of 60 physicians. The sample was divided into two halves. One-half contained physicians who use EMR while the other half was for physician without EMR. The paper also conducts a literature review of past pieces of literature that have studied the benefits and challenges faced EMR. The paper summarizes by emphasizing the need for EMR to achieve the desired quality of health services. In addressing the challenges, the paper advocates for the enactment of uniform policies and subsidizing the cost of EMR.