Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Physical Activity and Physical Exercise as Therapy to Reduce Blood Pressure and Heart Rate for Better Quality of Life

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    We evaluated 114 male subjects aged 35-55 years, mean age 46 years, using a questionnaire containing name, weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, power, sedentary lifestyle, chronic diseases and other issues. After answering the questionnaire, followed by data tabulation, we found that there were 37 men with similar responses, including lifestyle habits. They were proposed a program of moderate physical activity three times a week, an hour each class, totaling three hours per week. It was also suggested that they looked for other activities outside the program. The prescription of physical activity was walking, stretching exercises and a series of breathing exercises on Mondays; free dance movements individual and double on Wednesdays, and physical activities and guided free exercises on Thursdays, for a period of six months. After six months, they were reevaluated considering the same variables. The results: There was a reduction of blood pressure and resting heart rate, reduction in anthropometric measurements and in body mass index of the subjects studied; there was a change in eating habits and reduction in deleterious habits for health, promoting better quality of life. Conclusion: the recommended physical activity in this study favored important influencing behavioral changes in quality of life of the subjects studied.