Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Outcome of Patients Affected by Covid-19 Virus Reported to a Tertiary Care Hospital Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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    The goal of this study was to assess association between social demographic characteristic including Age and gender, patients past medical history, and outcome of Covid-19 admitted cases. Data was collected from the electronic data base of Thumbay hospital Ajman UAE. All registered cases of Covid-19 from January 2020 to August 2021 were included in the research. The study identified that individuals above 40 years were more susceptible to Covid-19, with a higher prevalence in males than females. Diabetes mellitus emerged as the most common non-communicable disease among patients. The majority of cases were categorized as mild, followed by moderate, with a smaller proportion classified as severe. Notably, a significant percentage of cases showed improvement, while a minority experienced complication, and a small percentage resulted in mortality. Overall, this study provides valuable insights into the demographics and outcomes of Covid-19 patients in the specified healthcare setting. Capturing and understanding the information is important to state preventive measures that can help in reducing the number of cases in the country.


    Keywords: COVID-19 outcomes, Risk Factors.