Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Factors Impeding Effective Malaria Prevention in Akoko South-East Local Government Area of Ondo State

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  • Abstract

    This study investigated the factors impeding effective malaria prevention in Akoko South East Local Government Area of Ondo State. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study. Population comprised the people of the local government area from which 210 respondents were randomly selected as sample. Self constructed and validated questionnaire, with reliability index of 0.71 was used for data collection. Simple percentage and chi-square statistics were applied for analysis. The findings revealed that drugs resistant strains of parasites; poverty; suitable environments for mosquitoes to breed; lifestyle of the people; and migrant nature of the peoples occupation impeded malaria prevention in Akoko South Local Government Area of Ondo State. Consequent upon these findings, it was recommended, among others, that public health education be carried out, particularly, in the rural communities, and that poverty alleviation programmes be vigorously implemented throughout the country.