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Ivermectin Versus Topical Sulfur in Treatment of Scabies: An Open Therapeutic Trial

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    Background: scabies is still a major public health problem in developing countries. Available antiscabietics are mainly topical. Ivermectin is an oral agent against a variety of endoparasites and ectoparasites. Objective: to evaluate the efficacy of oral ivermectin as a therapeutic agent in treatment of scabies and compare its efficacy with the topical sulfur. Method: an open labeled comparative therapeutic study was performed in Al-Kindy Teaching hospital. A total of 450 patients with scabies were included in this study: 240 females and 210 males.225 patients received topical sulfur and 225 patients received oral ivermectin. Results: The patients in ivermectin group showed a cure rate of 84%, 94.22% after 2weeks and 4 weeks follow up respectively. In the sulfur group, the curate rate was 70.67% after 2 weeks follow up that reached 83.11% at the end of 4 weeks follow up. The p-value for difference between two treatment modalities after 2 weeks and 4 weeks was statistically not significant.  Conclusion: Oral ivermectin is an effective remedy for the treatment of scabies with excellent compliance and very trivial side effect.