Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Study of the profile regarding anthropometric measurements, education of parents, chronic non-communicable diseases with family history and life habits of university students from undergraduate courses

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    Using a questionnaire developed for the project, we assessed university students from different undergraduate courses of both genders, being 140 men in the age group of 23.6 years and 140 women in the age group of 22.5 years. The questionnaire prioritized questions relating to eating habits, level of inactivity, lifestyle, chronic non-communicable diseases and corporeality. The university students were invited to be part of the research at random and then we exposed and explained the questionnaire to them. At the same time, they signed an informed consent to participate. Height and weight measurements were taken on a digital scale, Filizola brand, with capacity of up to 150 Kg. Results: Regarding BMI, both genders are within the normal range. Regarding NCD-Family history, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes had the highest percentage for male students; for females they were obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Consumption of red meat and alcohol was higher for males, physical inactivity was higher for females and the consumption of soft drinks was high for both genders. Conclusion: Considering the results obtained by the family history, physical inactivity and habits of life of the university students are strong candidates for early chronic non-communicable diseases.

    Keywords: Habits of life. Chronic non-communicable diseases. Family history. Physical inactivity.