International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Social and Healthcare Students Developing the Smoking Cessation Methods

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    Social and health care professionals are in a key role to prevent smoking and doing smoking cessation work, therefore it is essential to find new ways in higher education and vocational schools to increase studentsí competences to meet the clients who are smoking and how to guide them to stop smoking. The pilot project describes how the social work and nursing students have designed creative and participatory smoking prevention and smoking cessation methods, which are flexible and easy to apply to practice. Social work and nursing students also implemented designed methods by teaching smoking prevention and smoking cessation for the practical nurse students in vocational schools. Developed creative and participatory methods can also be used in a real guidance processes at work when encountering the smoking clients. During the pilot project, students were learning also multi-professional working, which is important competence in smoking prevention work as well.