International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Adverse Health Effects among Solid Waste Collectors in Alexandria Governorate

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  • Abstract

    Solid waste management has arisen as a vigorous human and environmental health issue. Waste collectors are doubtless exposed to a spread of activity biohazards and safety risks. Aim of the study was directed to assess adverse health effects among solid waste collectors in Alexandria governorate. A cross section descriptive study design was utilized. Randomly selected of 4 zones out of 8 zones namely; El-Montaza, East, Middle and El-Gomrok Zones in Alexandria governorate. The target population of this study was solid waste collectors in previous mentioned zones (n=100). One tool was used, it consists of four parts; socio-demographic characteristics of solid waste collectors, work related characteristics and different health problems among waste workers. Study findings revealed that vast majority (94%) of the collectors suffering from health problems and 76% of them experienced work-related accidents. It can be noted that, there was high propagation of occupational health morbidities among waste collectors as gastrointestinal complaints, eye problems, skin problems, work related injury, respiratory and musculoskeletal pain. Risk factors of the adverse health effects among solid waste collectors namely age, level of education, duration of employment, type of work, use of personal protective equipment, awareness about adverse health effects, job stress, and job satisfaction; this shed the light on the urgent need for application of awareness programs to increase their knowledge about occupational health hazards also routine medical examination of waste collectors must be carried out by health officers.

    Keywords: solid waste collectors, health problems, adverse health effects, Alexandria governorate