Journal of Risk & Control

Aims and Scope

Journal of Risk & Control  invites submissions of original research articles in all areas of finance, including financial markets, portfolio choice, asset pricing, corporate finance, alternative investments and risk management. The journal’s cross-disciplinary coverage and applied focus shifts risk and contingency management away from pure financial coverage to all aspects of economic uncertainties. Academicians and researchers benefit by gaining insights from the research in this journal concerning how risk is measured and mitigated against across different disciplines, industries, and sectors.

Special Issue 2024: Cost of Living Crisis-Risk and Mitigation

Journal of Risk & Control  invites submissions from researchers on the broader topic of the cost of living crisis to the global economy. A multifaceted range of themes and topics is highligthed and accepted for pulbication. A series of dedicated Special Issues will be published within 2024.

The themes of the Special Issues are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Global Impact and Challenges from the cost of living crisis
  • Food production insecurity
  • Public debt and future of global economy
  • Global agricultural production and production cost
  • Housing crisis: cost, demand and supply
  • Energy pricing and the future of fossil fuel economy
  • Energy pricing and the future of sustainable resources
  • The impact of artificial intelligence in financial operations
  • Material shortage in the construction sector
  • Global commodities and material shortages in supply chains
  • Skills shortage in professions with emphasis in engineering, medicine, law and education
  • Inflation, monetary policy and financial stability
  • Recovery funding for resilient infrastructure
  • Insurance and reinsurance for infrastructure recovery from disaster events
  • Recovery from major disaster events and disaster insurance policies
  • Insurance and Pensions Systems: deficits and future
  • Resilient economies: financial implications from regional conflicts and financial recovery strategies
  • Resilient economies: financial implications from major natural disasters and finance for rebuild


Current Issue : Volume 10, Issue 1 (2023)