Business & Entrepreneurship Journal

Aims and Scope

Business & Entrepreneurship Journal (BEJ) will publish original papers which contribute to the advancement of the field of entrepreneurship and the interface between management and entrepreneurship, as well as articles on business corporate strategy and government economic policy. On occasions, the journal will also feature case studies of successful firms or other cases having important practical implications. The journal will publish papers that show depth, rigour, originality and high standards of presentation. Submission of a paper will imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

The following list is indicative, not exhaustive, of the topics within the scope of BEJ:

Entrepreneurship theories and conceptualizations, Entrepreneurship research methods, Innovation and technology entrepreneurs, Family entrepreneurship, networks, teams and alliances, Venture capital and angel investor groups, Entrepreneurial communities, hubs, clusters and public policy, Social entrepreneurship, International and emerging market entrepreneurship, Corporate entrepreneurship, Law and entrepreneurship, Microeconomic analyses of economic development, Development planning and policy, Economic and social impacts of e-entrepreneurship and innovation, Business-to-Business and Marketing.

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Special Issue 2023: The Global Effects of Covid-19 to Business and Enterpreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship Journal invites submissions from researchers on the broader topic of the short and long term effects of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) to business and entrepreneurship.

A series of dedicated Special Issues will be published within 2023.

The themes of the Special Issues are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Short and long term effects to business and entrepreneurship
  • Short and long term effects to food chains and food production
  • Effects to the supply of commodities
  • Short and long term effects to finance and banking systems
  • Changes of employment legislation and associated risks
  • Challenges in the business environment from Covid-19
  • New markets and opportunities
  • Emerging and affected national economies 
  • Strategies for new businesses
  • Health business and intelligent business systems
  • Changes in the business legislation 
  • New approaches in remote work systems
  • Emerging economies and new markets
  • Business ethics