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Roadmap for Risk Management Integration Using AI

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    Modern risk management shows a necessity for high-end technologies in the form of various artificial intelligence tools to be approved. AI integration projects are still distrusted by many business organizations and others are failing. To facilitate this process this paper presents a roadmap for the integration of AI risk management covering all activities and processes in organizations. Here, the individual steps from the awareness of the need for AI in risk management, through the required analyses, preparatory and executive stages, the specific application of artificial intelligence in the individual stages of risk management, to its full implementation and guaranteed functionality, are successively revealed. The purpose of the material is to illustrate the overall process of integration of risk management, through artificial intelligence, thereby increasing the trust and success of company projects in this area.


    JEL classification numbers: O17, O21, L86.

    Keywords: Roadmap, Analysis, Provision of information, Integration, Development.