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Questionnaire Investigation for the Support of High School Teachers by the School Social Worker

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  •                                                        Abstract

    High School teachers in Japan are sending very busy days on their daily works including teaching, support for the club activities and deskwork. Among them, they share a lot of time for managing the club actives of students compared with other countries. In that area, professionals can make instruction much better than teachers for the special sports like Judo and Kendo (Japanese fencing) etc. School Social Worker can coordinate the professionals out of school and can help teachers by decreasing their burden on that area. There are few related papers concerning the support of club activities by utilizing the professionals outside. In this paper, questionnaire investigation is executed in order to clarify their current condition and their consciousness, and to seek the possibility of utilizing school social worker for their support. Hypothesis testing was executed based on that. Some interesting and instructive results were obtained.