Journal of Computations & Modelling

Mathematical Study of Various Types of Cyber-Attacks and Protection

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  • Abstract

    The paper documents a holistic mathematical modeling theory to provide a rigorous description of cyber-attacks and cyber-security. After determining valuations and vulnerabilities of parts of a node constituent, we recall the definitions of cyber-effect and cyber-interaction. Based on these concepts, we give the mathematical definitions of cyber navigation and infected node and we explain what is meant by dangerous cyber navigation and protection of cyber nodes from unplanned attacks. Our discussion proceeds to a rigorous description of passive and active cyber-attacks, as well as the relevant protections.

    Keywords: Mathematical modeling (models of systems), internet topics, measure theory, complex spaces, valuation of a part of node constituent, vulnerability of a part of node constituent, node supervision, cyber-effect, cyber-interaction, germ of cyber-attack, cyber defense, proactive cyber protection.