Journal of Computations & Modelling

Analyzing effect of variation of parameters on BOD and DO prediction in rivers.

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  • Abstract 

    The role played by mathematical models in predicting DO concentration in rivers is globally known and widely accepted as a decision making tool with regard to management of water resources. The relevant literature is full of models with varied complexity. Regardless of their complexity, almost all models include some common parameters like coefficient of reaeration, rate of decay of settleable as well as dissolved BOD and initial settleable BOD. The values for these parameters as cited in literature may vary from one river to another. The objective of this chapter is to show the effect of variation (within the specified range) in the value of above stated  parameters on concentration of total BOD and total DO using enhanced one dimensional model. Various changes are observed and shown graphically.

    Mathematics Subject Classification : 34B05
    Keywords: Mathematical Model, Advective zone, Coefficient of reaeration, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Dissolved Oxygen (DO).