Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Tourism in North and Northeastern Parts of Iraq

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    Tourism Geology in Iraq is not common yet, although many sites do exist in the northern and northeastern parts of Iraq, which are mountainous areas attaining 3600 m (a.s.l.) providing spectacular scenes. Majority of those sites are used by the local people and those coming from other parts of Iraq, all of them are linked by paved roads with a lot of facilities of relevant accommodation. However, all of those sites are abandoned in winter season due to very cold and rainy season; occasionally are covered by snow. Majority of those sites include fresh drinkable water; usually supplied from springs that yield enormous amount of water; some of them are controlled by structural elements and karst morphology. The exposed rocks in those sites are mainly of sedimentary dominated by carbonate rocks and very rarely some igneous and metamorphic rocks occur too.