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Female Pelvic Prolapse: Considerations on Mesh Surgery and our Experience with Prolift Mesh in 84 Women with Complicated Pelvic Prolapses

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    Introduction: Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a common condition in women because of the weakening of the pelvic support system during lifetime. The surgical approach of POP was changed by using different mesh or graft materials. During the last 5 years we treated 84 women with complicated POP by using a prolene mesh. We analysed the results. Materials and Methods:Eighty-four women, studied by urodynamics and cystography, underwent surgery for the correction of III-IV stage POP using a prolene mesh. In 55 we positioned an anterior Prolift, in 29 a total prolift; in 44 with stress urinary incontinence a sling under the urethra was also positioned. The follow-up took place after 12 months. Results: No major complications occurred. In 5 (6%) cases a mild perineal hematoma occurred; in 5 (6%) just coxofemoral pain. Five (5.7%) mesh erosions and three (3.6%) II degree cystocele were recorded. All patients are continent. Conclusions: Even if a validated and generally accepted measure of subjective prolapse symptoms is required, the surgical repair of the POP by using Prolift mesh appears to be an effective procedure with encouraging outcomes, also in complicated cases.