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Mapping Start-up Businesses and Analyzing the Perspectives of Establishing a Greek Healthcare Start-up Company

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    Entrepreneurship seems to be taking strong action with ambitious researchers who dare to undertake professional initiatives for the treatment of diseases, such as cancer, and any kind of problems patients address today. After the analysis of the basic elements regarding the development of start-up businesses, current trends in healthcare are categorised and cases are in turn studied. The breakthroughs developed in healthcare primarily regard technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience Technology and Biotechnology, while Digital Health gains ground applied by several start-up businesses worldwide. By surveying their data, useful conclusions are drawn concerning the investment process of healthcare start-up businesses. In the attempt of analysing the perspectives of establishing such companies in Greece, the Greek healthcare start-ups are presented. Through an empirical study at the Greek companies, Greek reality is thus documented and data are presented in a plot. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the perspectives of establishing a Greek healthcare start-up company. The survey includes the significant components of attracting potential investors and offers evidence-based to healthcare funding. It also summarizes on the fundamental principles of forming a start-up company that mainly concerns health sector.


    Keywords: Healthcare, Biotechnology, Digital Health, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Start-up Companies, Geographical Information Systems, Mapping.