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The role of marketing strategy in a search for a better performance of organic producersí organisations in Bulgaria

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    Although the organic sector is still relatively small in Bulgaria, there are growing success stories about organic products such as sheep and buffalo dairy products or essential oils and so on. Focus of the organic operators is primarily on the export markets bringing though a low added-value to local country produce and leaving the national market unexploited. The analysis of the internal organic marketing conditions and the marketing environment for the production and marketing of organic products by the Producersí Organisations (POs) made by this research led to the conclusions that a suitable an adaptable marketing strategy should be developed and run for a benefit to the PO members. As a result of a survey among some of the PO members, there is a clear trend towards increasing the number of organic operators, who show interest to a joint processing and marketing of organic produce. In spite of the obstacles before the organic POs such as low volume of regional organic produce and sales, insufficient labour, complicated administrative procedures and insufficient capacity and advisory support, the PO members realise the economic advantages of the joint marketing. Most of them (about 44%) responded that they would seek and participate in such cooperation to reduce primary production costs and demand higher purchase prices for larger volumes or to reduce costs and improve market perspectives (around 21%). It is noteworthy, however, that about 31% are not sure about the cooperation due to the lack of sufficient information and probably due to insufficient knowledge and training on cooperation issues. Many of them declare that they need more capacity building and knowledge on, for instance, design, formulation and setting up of an efficient PO marketing strategy or on marketing cooperatives issues.


    Keywords: organic agriculture, producers organisations, marketing strategy.