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The Perceived Role of Micro-Credit in Poverty Alleviation: The Case of South-South Nigeria

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    Gross market imperfection in resource mobilization, allocation and utilization exists in south-south Nigerian economy. This situation has given rise to dualistic tendencies in the operations of the rural and urban economies. The so called urban and semi-urban areas are seemingly developed better than the rural areas. Moreso, there is rural-urban migration that leaves the rural areas poorer and the urban areas filled with criminals because of lack of useful means of livelihood and over stretched facilities. Successive governments have evolved poverty alleviation programmes to alleviate the level of poverty. One of such among many others is the use of microcredit in poverty alleviation. However, the operations of microcredit have only been streamlined and not properly evaluated to assess its desired impact. Impact assessment of microcredit is highly recommended to know how to appropriately streamline operations.