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Common Sense Leadership: A Perspective of Artists and Musicians

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  • Abstract

    The purpose of this study is to continue the academic discussion about how common sense leadership is affected by different professional disciplines in the 21st century. The focus of this study was on individuals identifying themselves as either an artist, a musician or both. No specification was made as to the professional experience was sought during the study. Definition of both disciplines was left very abstract and at the discretion of the participant. This qualitative study was performed from December, 2013 through April, 2014 and involved 45 participants that identified themselves as either an artist or a musician. Participants concluded that common sense is directly correlated with three related factors: (a) the environment, (b)one’s knowledge and (c) instinct. The participants indicated that common sense was nothing unique or special, but depended on one’s own culture and how each individual environment would define the difference between right and wrong.