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An investigation into customer loyalty in Vietnam retail banking industry

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  • Abstract

    The objective of this research is to study customer loyalty construct and the relationship between customer loyalty and its determinants namely customer satisfaction, perceived switching costs and trust in retail banking industry in Vietnam. Because of the importance of customer loyalty on improving organisationís bottom-line, many works have been implemented to study the relationship between customer loyalty and its determinants, especially commonly satisfaction, switching costs and trust. Many scholars found there are linear relationships; others assert the relationships are more than complex, and others state there is no link at all between variables. The findings present that there are strong and positive relationship between customer loyalty and its determinants of customer satisfaction, switching costs and trust. Interestingly, switching costs is the strongest variable in explaining the variance of loyalty, other than satisfaction as common believed. However, satisfaction along with trust is still evidence of close link with loyalty. The findings in the research suggest that managers should not ignore any single variable in seeking customer loyalty, instead creating a comprehensive programme to satisfy customer, build switching costs and make customer trust the bank.

    Keywords: customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, trust, switching cost.