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Encompassing Embodiment in Entrepreneurial Learning

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    The present conceptual article discusses non-cognitive aspects of entrepreneurial learning. Entrepreneurs are known to undergo extreme experience phases during establishing their firms where peak experience, peak performance and flow counteract. As a result, increasing anxiety and stress may hamper their performance. Non-cognitive skills that consider simultaneously mental processes, emotions and spirit in connection with the human neurophysiological system in a holistic, human learning process, could appear more efficient in describing how entrepreneurial learning occurs in stressful situations. In the present discussion somatic learning education is suggested as a possibility to enhance entrepreneurial learning, creativity and performance in stressful situations. As non-cognitive entrepreneurial skills have been overlooked in the extant literature, the present discussion initiates a discussion for further research in the field. The concepts of holistic entrepreneurial learning, embodiment and somatic learning are described while their relevance to stressful business start-upping and entrepreneurial well-being is sought. The article concludes with relevant research questions for further examination.


    Keywords: Entrepreneurial education, Embodiment, Somatics, Peak performance, Peak experience, Flow, Well-being, Stress regulation, Innovation, Creativity.