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The Effect of Organizationís Innovational Climate on Studentís Creative Self-Efficacy and Innovative Behavior

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    This study aims to explore the relationship between the organizational innovation climate of school on studentís creative self-efficacy and innovative behavior. The results of this study provide more methods to all university of technology to create a climate for innovation and practices, and enhance students' innovative behavior. According to the research purposes, the questionnaire survey was conducted. The objects were college students in the University of Technology. 927 samples were selected by stratified proportion sampling method, and 803 were returned. 47 invalid questionnaires were deducted and the amount of valid questionnaires was 756. The return rate accounted for (81.55%). The research findings are: 1) As for the organizational-innovation climate of school, the best dimension is students' "organizational support"; 2) As for creational self-efficacy, the students' performs well; 3) As for Innovative-Behavior, the students perform best in "innovative idea generation" ; 4) The organizational-innovation climate of school had a significant positive influence on studentís creative self-efficacy and innovative behavior; and 5) studentís creative self-efficacy and innovative behavior had a significant positive influence.