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Factors, Impacts, Problems and Solutions of Freelance Earning in the context of Bangladesh

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  • Abstract

    Internet is considered as the blessing to the human being during modern time because we are highly dependent on Internet. Business activities are greatly influenced by Internet. The uses of Internet and the activities through Internet are growing very fast than last few decades. Bangladesh, one of the least developed countries, has high labor force in compare to same area sized countries. This country has unemployment problem and almost half of the graduates are in unemployment crisis at present. Suitable employment opportunities for those unemployed graduates are not sufficient in the market. The unemployed graduates can search for the appropriate jobs in the freelance market and earn substantial amount of money to increase their living standards. These unemployed graduates have the potentialities to make careers in freelancing market though there are some impediments to become a freelancer in Bangladesh, Some freelancers are showing them the possibility of booming freelance economy in Bangladesh. This paper will show the real picture of freelance market in Bangladesh, the issues related in freelance earning, the ways of solving this unemployment problem and the economic impact of freelancing for graduates and non-graduates in Bangladesh.

    JEL classification numbers: E24
    Keywords: Freelance, Graduates, Unemployment, and Internet.