Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

A Military Real Time Locating System Installation and Utilization Approach

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  • Abstract

    The proposed work describes an integrated advanced surveillance system for monitoring and recording environmental data (temperature, humidity, dust, smoke, etc) and all movement of people and specific categories of equipment (armor, vehicles, etc) within a specific under surveillance area. The system covers buildings with several floors and basement areas, open areas, gates, and generally areas with authorized access only, which they may be within a building or in independent areas. The purpose of the proposed work is to upgrade the safety in a military area by covering all the internal, external and the perimeter areas overcoming the shortcomings of GPS in indoor areas and the high cost of camera surveillance systems. The main objective of this project is both the security of the personnel who is present in this area and at the same time the safety of certain items (weapons, armor, ammunition, vehicles, etc.) that need special attention utilizing internet technology and specialized equipment to detect motion, positioning, heartbeats and environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, smoke, etc).