Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

Development of a Point Rating Model for Job-Manpower Evaluation in an Organization

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    The basic reason for industrial dispute in developing countries is the inability to determine appropriate wages for the jobs carried out based on prevailing conditions of service. Stability in the workforce of an organization is being hampered by higher wages offered by competing organizations engaging in similar jobs. There is need to evaluate job contents and performance of workforce so that equitable and appropriate wages is arrived at, without causing any loss or instability in the organization. The study adopted workforce-job evaluation factor-point ranking system. Among the evaluation factors considered include education, experience, knowledge, computer literacy, communication, complexity duty/innovation, adaptability, mental and physical demand, reliability, responsibility, confidentiality, safety and scope of supervision. A point rating mathematical model was developed utilizing aforementioned evaluation parameters. The model was used to determine the appropriate wages for the workforce of an organization based on performance. The result obtained from an organization, using the model, showed a significant difference of about 30 % between the expected, and actual performance. Therefore, to avoid loss or instability in the system, adjustment of wages in consonant with the level of performance is inevitable.