Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

Hydromagnetic Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid in a Porous Medium Induced by a Moving Plate in Presence of Inclined Magnetic Field

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  • Abstract 

    In this study, the hydromagnetic flow of incompressible non-Newtonian fluid in a porous medium induced by a moving plate in the presence of inclined magnetic field was analyzed. The study is aimed to determine the temperature and velocity profiles of the fluid flow. Also, the effect of the permeability parameter, X, Reynolds number, Re, Prandtl number, Pr, Eckert number, Ec, and magnetic field parameter, M, on the flow variables. Moreover, the effect of varying the inclination angle on the flow variables is discussed.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 75A05 
    Keywords: Hydromagnetic; Non-Newtonian Fluid; Porous Medium; Magnetic Field