Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

Unsteady Fluid Flow Between Two Moving Parallel Porous Plates in Presence of Inclined Applied Magnetic Field

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  • Abstract 

    In this study, an unsteady fluid flow of a viscous, incompressible electrically conducting fluid between two moving parallel porous plates of infinite length in the x and z directions, subjected to a constant pressure gradient and a constant injection and suction, in presence of an inclined applied magnetic field whose lines are fixed relative to the moving plates, is investigated. The study is aimed at determining the profiles of velocity, temperature and the induced magnetic field, and the effects of various flow parameters, namely Magnetic parameter M, Reynold’s number Re, Eckert number Ec, Prandtl number Pr, magnetic inclination a and injection parameter S0 on the flow variables and the induced field.

    Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics; Porous Plates; Injection and Suction