Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

MHD Pulsatile Slip Flow Of Blood Through Porous Medium In An Inclined Stenosed Artery In Presence Of Body Acceleration

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    In the present Paper, the Authors have investigated the pulsatile flow of blood through a porous medium with constant permeability, in an inclined artery with mild stenosis. The flow of blood is considered to be Newtonian. The presence of an azimuthal uniform magnetic field is assumed. The flow takes place under body acceleration and a slip velocity is imposed at the stenosed arterial wall. By using Perturbation technique, the solutions for the flow field, wall shear stress, volumetric flux and the effective viscosity are obtained and their behaviours under the influence of various relevant parameters concerning the magnetic field, velocity slip, permeability, inclination etc. have been demonstrated pictorially and discussed. It is seen that the applied magnetic field, velocity slip, inclination and the permeability of the porous medium have significant influence on the flow field, wall shear stress, volumetric flow rate and the effective viscosity.