Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

Nucleic Acids Data Sequencing using Higher Order Logic-A Suggestion of Basic Computational Framework Towards Bio-Sensors and Gene-Chips Design, Implementation and Verification

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    In this current research paper we highlight the usage of Higher Order Logic (HOL) to compute the sequences of Nucleic acids, DNA and RNA and illustrate the usefulness of higher order logic in computing the sequences for bio-sensor, probes, tags and gene-chip applications. What ever the application in question,sequences always form the heart and soul of bio-information processing in such demanding and promising tools. Higher order Logic provides a comfortable way of solving or computing the sequencing problems and related issues in the advancement of bio-informatics,hence we have focused in this interdisciplinary paper on HOL and its applications, in the design of such biodevices. Further more we are of the opinion that HOL is fast becoming the defacto verification and computational software tool, in verifying the electronic hardware in demanding applications, the same methodology could be extended to bio-inspired systems, bio-systems, theoretical biology etc. to explore the untouched relevant areas of computational design paradigms. This is one of the pioneering research efforts in this highly promising domain, to adopt and adapt HOL as the design tool to model and develop sequencing, in Bio-Computing or Bio-Sensing platforms.