Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

A fuzzy weighted least squares approach to construct phylogenetic network among subfamilies of grass species

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    Phylogenetic networks are considered as the structures that are used to understand the evolutionary pathways among the different organisms. Evolutionary relations are due to the preservence of mutations in sequences, occurred due to non-tree like events like horizontal gene transfer, Homoplasy, sexual hybridization and recombination, etc. The effective and efficient reconstruction of the networks for these events is an challenging task in computational biology. In this article, a Fuzzy Weighted Least Squares (FWLS) approach is developed and employed to detect these events in commonly known species of grasses. The results obtained by the proposed method predicts the possibility of hybridization or recombination among the inter cluster species i.e., Oryza and Triticum and intra cluster species i.e. Bentgrass and Brachypodium. Results also provide the optimized values of Q in comparision to the other available least squares method and thus error level is also minimized.