Journal of Applied Mathematics & Bioinformatics

Ladon: A Cyber-Threat Bio-Inspired Intelligence Management System

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    According to the Greek mythology, Ladon was the huge dragon with the 100 heads, which had the ability to stay continuously up, in order to guard the golden “Esperides” apples in the tree of life. Alike the ancient one, digital Ladon is an advanced information systems’ security mechanism, which uses Artificial Intelligence to protect, control and offer early warning in cases of detour or misleading of the digital security measures. It is an effective cross-layer system of network supervision, which enriches the lower layers of the system (Transport, Network and Data). It amplifies in an intelligent manner the upper layers (Session, Presentation and Application) with capabilities of automated control. This is done to enhance the energetic security and the mechanisms of reaction of the general system, without special requirements in computational resources. This paper describes the development of Ladon which is an advanced, incredibly fast and low requirements’ effective filter, which performs analysis of network flow. Ladon uses Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine with Gaussian Radial Basis Function kernel in order to perform network traffic classification, malware traffic analysis and fast-flux botnets localization.