International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Management of Massive Fatalities in Health Sector: A Systematic Review

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    Preparedness of health systems is an important part of the national strategies on the design and implementation of programs pertaining to disaster management. Emergency events usually have an increased number of human casualties and demand continuous and interdisciplinary co-operation and activities. A systematic review of literature findings on health management of catastrophes helps its improvement. From 1980-2014, articles in Medline, Pubmed and Google Scholar were researched, focusing on the topic of health management in catastrophes. 123 articles were found and finally only 52 were used as they referred to phases of health management in disasters, except rehabilitation. Although international, educative organizations are numerous, few steps of improvement have been taken in the health servicesí sector. In case of emergency, revised plans and actions as well as a high level of response are necessary, mainly due to limited resources on the part of health services.